Jewelcast, Episode 4.5: It’s a Good Thing We Aren’t A Coaching Staff

We have tons of ideas for fixing the Kings and probably agree on like two of them. Should be fun!

Tonight’s Jewelcast should be... let’s say... cautiously pessimistic.

I know that’s a weird way to get you to listen, but instead of the fire and brimstone that would have been aired during a seven-game losing streak, we’re only going to be mostly annoyed. We’re not sure how many of us will be talking, and not sure how much we’re going to talk about the good (Trevor, Jake, Jeff) versus the bad (Tyler, Tanner, Losing), but we’ll be talking about the Los Angeles Kings. We promise that no matter where the tangents go, we still think the Kings can make the playoffs... you know, if enough things go right. Tune in at 6:30 PM Pacific at the episode page, or using the widget below.

EXPECTED TOPICS: The Kings Finally Won A Game, The Kopitar-Doughty-Quick Trio, Second-Line Strugglers, It’s A-Me Amadio, Trevor Lewis Can’t Lose, Derek!, Jake!, Deadline Priorities, Around the Pacific, Jeff Carter Lives