Kings Re-Sign Trevor Lewis For Four Years, $8 Million

Mr. Unsung isn't as budget-conscious as he used to be.

Trevor Lewis, King for life?

Milan Lucic's intent to test free agency gave the Los Angeles Kings room to sign some of their other free agents, and from the moment Lucic's departure was evident, it was only a matter of time until Trevor Lewis became the first beneficiary. Today, his new deal was announced, and it pretty much scratches the upper limit of what we thought Lewis might get.

LA has shown a willingness to give lower-end players long-term deals, and though Lewis didn't get the Kyle Clifford five-year treatment, four years for a 29-year-old is a fair bit of business by Lewis' agent. However, the point of a longer term is to reduce the cap hit; I assumed that a four-year contract would mean that LA might be able to squeeze in Lewis for less than $2 million a year, but instead, Lewis got exactly that.

The review of Lewis in 2015-16 is going up next week, but rest assured, it was exactly what you've come to expect from Lewis. If he keeps up his current level of performance, is it a good deal? That depends on what you want from Lewis; you're not getting 20 goals, but you're getting dependable defensive work, possession, PK time, and a whole lot of unsung heroism. Tell us what you think in the poll, and in the comments.

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