Robitaille and Blake Outline Path Forward for Los Angeles Kings

Nothing earth-shattering in today’s press conference, but we got some answers!

Today’s press conference with new general manager Rob Blake, new club president Luc Robitaille, and AEG CEO Dan Beckerman was our first extended public look at the new direction of the Los Angeles Kings. Yesterday’s dismissal of Darryl Sutter and Dean Lombardi answered the biggest question at hand heading into the offseason, but the swift move raised a number of smaller questions. Some got answered today, and some didn’t. With Anze Kopitar, Drew Doughty, and Jeff Carter in the building, Blake and Robitaille got to talking.

Why two former players? And are they ready?

The former-club-legend-in-important-role has a mixed history, and Robitaille was asked about that. Fortunately, LA currently retains a deep and experienced staff, and Luc assured everyone that they’d have plenty of help.

Speaking of which, what will the Kings do with Mike Futa?

Since the Buffalo Sabres expressed interest in interviewing him for their open general manager slot at the end of 2013, Futa has seen his name pop up in GM rumors, but he took a promotion to VP of Hockey Operations and Director of Player Personnel and stayed with the Kings. The Kings were never going to fully clean house as long as they had Futa, but they passed him up in favor of Blake.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be even more critical to the organization than he’s been before.

How’s everybody doing, by the way?

Who’s gonna coach?

Good luck getting an answer there. Rob Blake hinted at the direction LA might go in, though...

[EDIT, 5:55 PM: You can rule out Sutter’s assistant, Davis Payne.]

What’s the biggest goal for this team going forward?

The goal is... goals.

Does that mean drastic changes in management, then?

Unlikely, when you consider that both Luc and Rob studied under Lombardi himself.

Will the new GM be as verbose as the old GM?

No. Done in 15 minutes.

Here’s the full presser, if you’re interested in watching.