The Los Angeles Kings Would Like to Acquire: Teddy Purcell

Could the former King be due for a homecoming?

Teddy Purcell, now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Well, six years at least. The undrafted right winger signed with the Kings in 2007 and played with them through the 2009-2010 season, before being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning. He was then traded to the Oilers in the summer of 2014, where he now finds himself at the age of 30. Given his age and the perpetual rebuilding status of the Oilers, he's available on the trade market. Purcell has actually done decent work on the Oilers this year. He is second on the team in shots at even strength with 99, and his 1.76 point pace is very respectable. His power play numbers are rather disappointing, though.

The absence of Marian Gaborik certainly creates a hole in the top six, but it's fair to question whether Purcell could fill that void, or if he'd simply be a depth forward to bolster the team assuming Gaborik's return. Teddy's name has been thrown about when discussions of the Kings come up, so it does seem a possibility. He is also seen as a player that can play on any line, and right wing is the King's less strong forward position. If acquiring him meant a poor player like Andy Andreoff or Jordan Nolan was forced out of the lineup, it may not be such a bad move, especially since it's not a given that Michael Mersch is ready for NHL play. As his HERO chart shows, he's not a goal scorer, which means we shouldn't dream of him replacing a player like Marian Gaborik.

What might the ask be for Teddy Purcell? It's difficult to tell, given most of the NHL players traded thus far have been defensemen. On the right team, he could be asked to slot into the top six, which could command a second round pick (which the Kings have) and a B or C level prospect. Purcell is a player who could probably help the King's depth, but it seems to be the type of move to make only if the terms are good. For example, if the Kings could somehow get away with a third rounder pick and a prospect they don't believe has a future with the organization, they may jump at the chance. The Kings do have a history of trading with the in-division Oilers (as recent as the Ben Scrivens trade), but not since Peter Chiarelli has joined their front office.

It's not a deal that seems likely, but it doesn't seem far-fetched either. The Kings could certainly make out ok if the price is right.