Kings Trade Mike Cammalleri to Edmonton for Jussi Jokinen

It’s a good old-fashioned swap of veterans.

A Tuesday afternoon surprise as the Los Angeles Kings prepare for a showdown with the Vancouver Canucks...

It’s a one-for-one deal with a 34-year-old veteran going one way and a 35-year-old veteran forward going the other way. First, I want to remind myself that these guys are playing 12 minutes a night, and that they’re on one-year deals, and that they’re old and will get scratched, and that this trade may have minimal meaning this season, and that this trade may have zero meaning beyond this season. Second, I want to analyze this trade to death, because it’s really interesting.

We’ll save the analysis for tomorrow, though. For now, the implications. Both players make about the same salary and no draft picks are involved, so there’s nothing beyond a straight swap here. Michael Cammalleri might get to play with Connor McDavid, but he won’t get to play with Adrian Kempe, which I’m sure he’ll be very upset about! The Edmonton Oilers are also dead-last in the NHL in goals per game and 24th in power play percentage, so Cammalleri might offer some help in that department. Cammalleri had already been a healthy scratch this season.

Jussi Jokinen can play center, which Cammalleri cannot, and is a decent faceoff man. Despite waning speed and seemingly waning puck abilities, he’s also got a consistent history of good possession numbers. Jokinen also had just one point in 14 games this season, and Oilers fans seem thrilled to be rid of him. Jokinen offers offensive upside in the bottom six but that upside hasn’t been achieved yet; LA must think it can be. Jokinen had also already been a healthy scratch this season, for the first time in his career.

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