Trade Deadline Approaches: What's Happening?

Ex-Kings are on the move, but Dean Lombardi remains quiet.

We're nearing the trade deadline, and the Los Angeles Kings have not made any official moves as of yet. But in the last few hours, the dam has burst and trades are finally happening. We can blame Anaheim...

League News (i.e., Actual Trades)

Kings Targets (i.e., Assorted Rumors)

  • Thomas Vanek is considered the most attractive offensive target on the trade market, but so far, teams have not been willing to pay what Garth Snow is asking for. So, the price is dropping.
    The Kings, for example, are looking at cheaper options as opposed to breaking the bank for Vanek. (Just as we recommended and predicted, with no sources!)
    But the Ducks' moves have people saying that they are trying to clear salary for Vanek. At the very least, we may finally have movement there.
  • As for Andrew MacDonald? There have been reports that he could go to LA and Boston already. Add Pittsburgh to the list, as well as Anaheim in a possible package deal.
  • No Mike Cammalleri movement, as Matchsticks and Gasoline reminds us.
  • Winging It In Motown writer Kyle McIlmurray is right...
  • Could Matt Moulson and Christian Ehrhoff be a package deal for the Kings? We'll have more on that possibility coming up, but the general sense is that Moulson is the consolation prize for whoever loses out on Vanek. Moulson's price is rumored to be a first-rounder and a mid-level pick... so, not Tyler Toffoli.

We've got running updates just below here. For more news from around the network, check out SB Nation's deadline hub as well.