[Video] “OH MY GOD, NO WAY!” Tyler Toffoli Stuns Bruins in Final Second of Overtime

[VIDEO] A perfect faceoff play, and Alex and Jim go nuts.

The Los Angeles Kings have had a dream start to the 2017-18 season, but they topped themselves in overtime tonight against the Boston Bruins. After a flurry of saves from Tuukka Rask and Jonathan Quick, a seemingly inconsequential icing gave LA an offensive-zone draw with 0.4 seconds remaining. After half a second was added, though, it wasn’t so inconsequential. The Kings called a timeout, pulled Quick, and set up for Anze Kopitar to win a faceoff back to Tyler Toffoli.

It worked.

The call from Alex Faust and Jim Fox is an absolute delight. Faust lets his surprise and excitement creep into the tone of his call, while Fox simply lets loose: “OH MY GOD, NO WAY!” He also quickly adds that the play is reviewable, just to be sure that he doesn’t assume anything. It was not an issue; the puck was in at 0.4 on the clock, and the Kings reacted accordingly.

The 2-1 win puts LA atop the NHL standings. Full recap to come.