Los Angeles Kings Re-Sign Tyler Toffoli to 3 Year, $13.8 Million Contract

The Kings and Tyler Toffoli once again reach an agreement without too much stress. And for the next three years, that’s great news.

Two years ago, the Los Angeles Kings signed Tyler Toffoli to a contract extension, with the unspoken promise that the next one would be longer and more lucrative. Today, they kept that promise, though the term and cap hit both come in a bit smaller than expected.

We were pretty sure that the Kings weren’t going to have to break the bank to re-sign Toffoli, and even with that expectation, his deal came in at a lower cost than those of comparable players such as Mike Hoffman, Jaden Schwartz, and Chris Kreider. However, that three-year term is a little bit of a surprise, as I think most of us expected Toffoli would at the very least get that fourth year Tanner Pearson received. But it makes sense; though I argued that the injury-plagued 2016-17 Toffoli endured wouldn’t change his value, it probably prevented him from getting the extra years a lot of guys normally get with their second or third NHL contract.

So Toffoli will get back out there next season with a cap hit that is VERY friendly for the Kings. And if he returns to the form he showed in 2015-16, he’ll certainly get more money in 2020. But we can cross that bridge in, well, 2020.

And hopefully, it is indeed a bridge, in that this is a bridge deal to another contract in Los Angeles. For now, I’m just thrilled that we get three more years of Toffoli, who’s turned into both an exciting player and a tireless community presence in his 4+ years with the Kings. We’re lucky to have him.

UPDATE, 6:00 PM: Tanner Pearson, unsurprisingly, is pleased with this news.


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