Lowetide: Writing Off O'Sullivan

It looks like the Oilogosphere has made up its mind about Patrick O'Sullivan. He's been an Oiler for over half a season and hasn't delivered close to his established level of ability. It's my belief that if we took a long look at O'Sullivan's successful seasons 05-06 in the minors and 07-08 in the majors and then compared them to this year we'd find out some things.

A quick glance at his career tells us that most of his NHL goals scored before arrival in Edmonton were at even strength 30 at EV, 7 on the PP and 4 on the PK and that he played mid-level opposition with good linemates in the 2007-08 season. He played about 18 minutes a night that season 13:38 at EV, 2:25 on PP and 2:38 on PK.So I think a case could be made that O'Sullivan is an NHL player. If the Oilers had the depth to be able to play him in a similar role mid-level opponent, good linemates, lots of EV time to the one he played in Los Angeles one could argue the Oilers would have more than three Tyler made an excellent point last night about Penner, Horcoff and Gagner players who could help them win hockey games.

Patrick O'Sullivan doesn't look like a difference maker [...]. However, there is some evidence that he can play in the NHL and on this team that has tremendous value.

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