Make Your Doughty Predictions Here -- Win a Terry Murray Golden Seals card (or something even better!)

Make your prediction in the comments. One prediction per commenter. No revisions. Your first prediction is your prediction. In case of a tie after the tie-breakers, the win goes to the person who got his prediction in first.

Everyone who predicts the cap hit within $250,000, and term exactly will be considered "right." Everyone else will be considered "wrong." For the purposes of this contest, someone who guesses the exact cap hit and term is tied with someone else who guesses the right term but is off on the cap hit by $250,000 or less.

If more than one person is "right," the tie will be broken based on how many of the following details the commenter also guessed correctly:

  1. no-move clause, no-trade clause, or neither?
  2. salary in each year of the deal (one point for each year correctly guessed within $75,000)
  3. month in which the deal is officially announced by Kings press release
  4. exact date in which the deal is officially announced by Kings press release (3 points for a direct hit; 2 points for +/- 2 days, 1 point for +/- 7 days)
  5. is this deal the result of an offer sheet?
  6. if yes on #5, did the Kings match?
  7. if yes on #5, which club tendered the offer sheet?

A correct "no" on #5 is worth 3 points. A correct "yes" on #5 is worth 1 point, plus a potential additional 1 point for each of #6 and #7.

I have no idea what the prize will be. Maybe the Terry Murray card. I also have a Gretzky-era Robitaille replica jersey. Maybe that should be the prize. You tell me.

Of course, the satisfaction of winning ought to be enough.