Match the Pathetic Quote to the Pathetic Shark or Flame (with bonus Cammalleri "tell")

Both the San Jose Sharks and Calgary Flames went into the playoffs with hopes of playing deep into the post-season. For the Sharks, they thought a President’s Trophy and a dynamic regular season was a sign that they were on the right track. For the Flames, they thought the addition of Olli Jokinen gave them a talented final piece.

Whoops. A day after both teams found themselves on the outside looking in, members of both teams started spouting out pretty much the same cliche. See if you can figure out which team each quote came from. Answers after the jump.

1: "This was the best team, no question. The organization gave us the opportunity to go deep and to win and we didn’t get it done."

2: "It’s tough—I really enjoyed [note past tense] playing here, and I really thought we had a lot of hockey left. I thought we were going to do something special."

3: "It’s really disappointing with the expectations we had this year and we didn’t come through again."

4: "You don’t expect this to happen when you have such a good team. We expected more out of ourselves and we didn’t live up to that."

5: "This is something I didn’t expect. I figured to be playing a lot longer than this. We really thought we had a special team. And to end the season the way we did, it’s not fun."

6: "I was pretty disappointed in what happened and in my play, too. I really don’t have answers to anything, right now. I’m disappointed that we couldn’t do more individually."

1: Calgary, Jarome Iginla

2: Calgary, Michael Cammalleri

3: San Jose, Evgeni Nabokov

4: San Jose, Patrick Marleau

5: San Jose, Jonathan Cheechoo

6: Calgary. Todd Bertuzzi

via KuklasKorner : Mike Chen's Hockey Blog : Shark or Flame? .