Meet the new managing editor, same as the current managing editor

Spoilers: like zero things are going to change around here. Probably. Maybe.

What feels like almost a lifetime ago now, I sat in the passenger seat of a friend’s car as we were making the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for the final Frozen Fury pre-season celebration.

“Guys, I did something wild, and maybe possibly stupid,” I told them, and then, because they’re my friends, they responded with “tell us everything.”

Back in 2016, Jewels from the Crown was looking to add some contributors. I’d already been writing about hockey for a few years, focusing mostly on my local NHL team, and dabbling in writing about the now-defunct CWHL. But most of my fannish energy — the kind of energy that makes you want to tell stories and dig deep and tell everyone about your ridiculous team — had been pointed at the Kings.

Sometimes, opportunity knocks very loudly and you just have to answer, even if that answer is really you just filling out a Google form and telling about your journey to Kings fandom, which involved a lot of spite and just a few lasers.

I very quickly found an easy home here. Our community here, small but mighty, has stuck with this team through thick and thin, through Stanley Cups and confusing almost-last-place finishes and coaching drama and roster drama and just about anything else you can think of.

All that to say — I’m pleased to announce that I’m settling into this as my home even more than before, as I’ve accepted the position of Managing Editor, or Site Manager, or Slightly Awkward Queen of Los Angeles Knife Shoes Sporting, or whatever you’d like to call it, here at Jewels from the Crown.

If this doesn’t actually sound like news to you, that’s because I’ve been at the helm of the site for the past year on an interim basis after Eric stepped down. Recently, we made the switch-over official, though, and I figured I’d let the rest of the world in on the news.

I’m excited to be continuing in my work here as we endeavor to build up Jewels from the Crown to be the place to go on the internet for news about the Kings, the Ontario Reign, and the organization’s prospects from people just like you — passionate fans who just want their team to be better.

In addition to our returning writers, I’ve already brought on a whole new team of contributors this season to help round out our coverage and guide us all through this continually tumultous time in the Kings organization. We’ve jump-started our podcast this season, with Robyn bringing you regular episodes of Crown Conversations. And while, no, we aren’t going to, you know, pivot to video, we do have some exciting multimedia ideas in the works for you, as well.

This is a weird time for the Kings, as they still have one foot in the past even as they lean even closer to the future. Things may be tough now, but we have exciting prospects to look forward to seeing more of in the future, and we’ll all navigate it together.

Thanks to Eric for taking a chance on me years ago, a weird stranger with an even weirder application to write for the site, and thanks to Steph Driver for having faith in me to lead this ship forward into the future. And, of course, the biggest gratitude of all to every JFTC writer who’s helped keep this place turning out great content every day for you, our readers.

If you made it to the end of this — I’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see more of on this site. What keeps you here? What kind of content would you share with your friends to get them to become regular readers? You can leave your thoughts in the comments, or find me on Twitter (@WriteSaidSarah) or send me an email (