Moulson, 1 year, $2.45MM

Moulson and Islanders Avoid Arbitration - Craig Custance - The Grinder - Sporting News
An NHL source tells Sporting News that Islanders forward Matt Moulson agreed to a one-year deal worth $2.45 million before this morning’s arbitration hearing. Yesterday, it was Mason Raymond and the Canucks getting a last-minute deal finalized before the hearing. Moulson had a breakout season last year after joining the Islanders, scoring 30 goals in 82 games after scoring a total of just six goals in 29 career games with the Los Angeles Kings.

Good news for our old friend Matt Moulson, who got his deal and totally messed up my points-per-dollar chart of several months ago. Back in January, Moulson topped the chart (which sampled from high and low salaries around the league) with the lowest total of $10,956 per point. Zach Parise was the highest value millionaire, at $38,109 per point. Alex Ovechkin: $76K/pt. Chris Drury was at the bottom of my sample, at $210K/pt.

I take a take* some pleasure from this, since prior to last season I took a lot of heat for my faith in Moulson's goal-scoring abilities. The only other blogger I remember agreeing with me was Connie, years before this site existed, of course. So, yay for us.

Of course, to be as good a value this season, Moulson will have to points. Besides that Gretzky guy, no-one's ever done that, though Mario got 199 once.

*what the **** kind of typo is that? I sound like Foghorn Leghorn.