My Own Personal End of Year "Awards"

The Kings have done their boring awards. I am doing mine. Mine are nothing other than looking at stats I find telling for one reason or another. Nearly all of them are from the invaluable (without which life is an tawdry simulacrum of itself). The rest are from

Some definitions: GF = goals for. GA = goals against. ON = player is on the ice. /60 = per sixty minutes of ice-time (5on5, unless otherwise noted). QUALCOMP = quality of competition. SF = Shots for. SA = shots against. PF = penalties for. PA = penalties against (note: against means taken by the opponent). PTAKE = penalties taken. PDRAW = penalties drawn. CORSI = total shot events for minus total shot events against (shot events are shots, missed shots and blocked shots; literally, all shots no matter the outcome).

Rating (+/- relative to team): Scott Parse 1.35, Wayne Simmonds 1.26.

Most GFON/60: Parse 3.26, Simmonds 2.96. (I know I've pointed this out before, but it never gets old.)

Most PTS/60: Parse 2.24, Justin Williams 2.08, Simmonds 2.07.

Most G/60: Parse 0.92, Anze Kopitar 0.88, Williams 0.85, Simmonds 0.83.

Best +-/60: Parse +1.32, Simmonds 1.07, Jarret Stoll 0.86.

Fewest GAON/60: Stoll 1.72, Matt Greene 1.81, Raitis Ivanans 1.86, Simmonds 1.89.

Highest QUALCOMP - D: Rob Scuderi 0.036, Drew Doughty 0.028.

Highest QUALCOMP - F: Dustin Brown 0.035, Kopitar 0.013.

Best CORSI: Williams +16.48, Kopitar +9.19, Alexander Frolov +6.64.

SFON/60: Williams 32.9.

SAON/60: Jack Johnson 27.3.

SV%ON/60: Stoll .934, Parse .930, Sean O'Donnell .930.

HITS: Brown 287, Greene 238, Stoll 191, Doughty 157 (hon. mention Brad Richardson 125, 7th on team).

FEWEST HITS (more than 60 GP): Ryan Smyth 41.

BLOCKED SHOTS: Greene 126, Scuderi 109, O'Donnell 98, Johnson 86 (hon. mention: Randy Jones 65 in 48 GP).

FEWEST BLOCKED SHOTS: Frolov 14 in 81 games.

MISSED SHOTS: Brown 111, Kopitar 110, Johnson 82.

FACEOFF WINS: Stoll 56%, Handzus 50.9%, Kopitar 49.7%, Richardson 48.1%.

TAKEAWAYS: Brown 39, Handzus 38, Kopitar 36, Simmonds 33, Richardson 31, Frolov 27.

PFON/60: Oscar Moller 2.8.

PTAKE/60: Moller 0.3, Kopitar 0.4, Scuderi 0.4.

PAON/60: Stoll 5.2, Brown 5.1, Richardson (!) 5.0.

PDRAW/60: Brown 2.5, Simmonds 1.3, Smyth 1.2, Williams 1.2, Richardson 1.1 (hon. mention: Ivanans 0.8).

PLUS/MINUS - F: Simmonds +23 (11th overall among forwards in NHL).

PLUS/MINUS - D: Doughty +19 (12th among defensemen in NHL).

SHOOTOUT SH%: Handzus 63%, Kopitar 50%, Johnson 35%, Stoll 33%, Brown 18%



  • Scott Parse and Wayne Simmonds pop up a lot.
  • Justin Williams has been quietly doing very well for a guy who was hurt half the year.
    Richardson has had a pretty great year, as his penalties drawn, hits and take-aways show.
    The three players who seem to shoot wide the most actually do shoot wide the most.
    I'm fascinated by the fact that Kings goalies have the highest SV% when Stoll and Parse are on the ice. I can imagine this being a good thing or a bad thing. I choose to believe it's good.
    Not only does Moller not take penalties, but the team doesn't take penalties when he's on the ice. This despite playing major 4th line minutes.
    Brown, Scuderi and Doughty play against the other team's best. /