New Kings-Coyotes Podcast at NHL Numbers

NHL Numbers is the brand new home of a hockey stat dream team: Kent Wilson, Derek Zona, Jonathan Willis, Cam Charron, all the fine folks from Driving Play, Eric T., and more. Anyone interested in the best analysis going on today should check them out.

Jared L. was kind enough to invite me on to discuss the Kings-Coyotes series. We taped this before Game 1, but it covers a broad range of topics: Sutter vs. Murray, the Johnson trade, Kopitar the eviscerator, puck possession, goalie battles, and even the great David Beckham.

You can also find a terrific discussion of the Eastern Conference Finals, with Brent covering the Devils, and George E. Ays bringing his insights on the Rangers.

NHL Numbers -- Conference Finals Preview Podcasts

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