NHL All-Star Media Day: Doughty and Carter Weigh in on “The LA Experience”

The Kings’ two representatives, not surprisingly, are excited for 3v3. The Skills Competition... less so.

Jeff Carter and Drew Doughty have been arguably LA’s two best players this season, and they were rewarded with All-Star berths. For Carter, it’s his first All-Star Game in eight years. Doughty was here last year. Both of them seemed to appreciate getting the chance to represent the hometown team, although their assignments in the Skills Competition don’t foster overwhelming assignment. We talked to both of them (and former King Martin Jones) today’s All-Star Media Day.

Jeff Carter, on whether he’s excited for his first 3-on-3 All-Star Game: “Yeah, I am. I enjoy it.” (reporter: “You're doing OK [in 3-on-3]...”) “Yeah it's been all right. Definitely looking forward to it. There's a little more ice out there to open it up a little bit... some more goals and what not. It'll be good.

Carter, on whether he’s requested to play with Drew: "I don't think I'm gonna request anybody, but I think they'll keep pairs together.”

Carter, on whether he’s prepared at all to shoot one-timers in today’s Skills Competition: “No. (laughter) I found out yesterday... I don't know if I've taken one this year. Should be interesting." (reporter: “That's part of the fun of it.") “I guess!”

(Carter had his teeth in today. The next guy did not.)

Drew Doughty, asked if he’d been to any All-Star Games before playng in one: “My rookie year... They used to call the rookies in and have a little rookie game, so I got to go there in Montreal, and I kinda got to witness what was going on. (JftC: At that point, had you gotten over being in awe of some of the older guys?”) “No, you never really get over that, though now that I am a little bit older, guess I'm used to it now. But there’s many times where I got thrown in situations where I was nervous and like, oh my God, I’m in a room with... whoever it was. It was crazy.”

Doughty, on how the LA All-Star experience compared: “It’s cool that it’s in my hometown in front of the home fans... get all my home guys around, our trainers, our media and what not, so obviously I’m pretty comfortable. And I get to sleep in my own bed which is nice. So I think it’s gonna be a great experience.”

(Oh, and Doughty was also asked about participating in the hardest shot. He said he shot about 90 MPH, but that’s when he was 17. Long story short, he’s not expecting to win.)

Martin Jones, on spots in LA he tries to hit when he comes back to town: “Oh, honestly, we’ve come, we’ve been here on back-to-backs and nights before games, so I really haven’t spent too much time here, unfortunately.”

Martin Jones, on who he’s worried about facing in the shootout: “Pretty much everybody.” (laughter)