Brackets from the Crown: The Staff Makes Their Picks

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Lightning!

Hey, the playoffs start today. Can't blame you if you tried to block it out.

Who do you think is going to take home the 2015 Stanley Cup? We've made our picks; check them out below and tell us how terrible they are.

Andrew (the Jets Are Actually Good Bracket)

Bracket - Andrew

Cole (the Nassau Send-Off Bracket)

Bracket - Cole

Eric (the Modified John Bracket)

Bracket - Eric

John (the Modified Eric Bracket)

Bracket - John

Lamia (the Kings Bracket)

Bracket - Lamia

Nick (the California Still Wins Bracket)

Bracket - Nick

Robyn (the Ovechkin's Revenge Bracket)

Bracket - Robyn

Sheng (the Nice Try Hawks Bracket)

Bracket - Sheng

So our most common outcome is the Tampa Bay Lightning winning the Stanley Cup over either the Chicago Blackhawks or the St. Louis Blues. The Blues, Rangers, Islanders, Ducks, and Caps each could make one of our writers look smarter than the rest. And, no, we aren't going with Chicago. Obviously.