NHL.com to air ten AHL games I don't care about

TheAHL.com | The American Hockey League | NHL Network to air 10 AHL games
Beginning on Oct. 17, when the Toronto Marlies play host to the Binghamton Senators, the NHL Network will broadcast of 10 Sunday afternoon games. The games will also air live on CBC in Canada.

My quick count shows six Toronto games, four Hamilton games, four for Manitoba (actually, three of the games are Toronto vs. Hamilton, and two are Toronto vs. Manitoba -- so that accounts for half the games), three for Abbotsford, one for Oklahoma City and Binghamton, and a whopping zero for everyone else, including Manchester. Thirty teams in the AHL. Ten games on NHL.com. And eight of the ten games involve two Canadian teams playing each other (the other two involve Canadian teams playing a U.S. team). There are, I think, five Canadian teams in the league, and 25 U.S. teams.

I guess really the headline should have said, "CBC to air 10 AHL games on NHL.com."

Oh, who am I kidding. I'll watch.