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Nine Numbers

Nine Numbers: Consistency Earns LA a Playoff Spot

The stats really do tell the story!

Nine Numbers: A Plethora of Penalties

The lack of goals has been bad enough, but a lack of discipline also threatened to do the Kings in.

Nine Numbers: All is Not Lost

There are some good performance indicators mixed in with the recent bad results.

Nine Numbers: Ready, Anze (and Vinny), Fire

Kopitar and Brown are shooting to vastly different results, but the team as a whole stays the course, even with Lecavalier and Schenn on board.

Nine Numbers: Hey, Check Out Dustin Brown!

Brown must not be allowed to roll over his points into 2016, and more in the fourth installment of Nine Numbers.

Nine Numbers: Anze Kopitar, King of Kings

The Kings won six of nine (again), but as always, there are concerns.

Nine Numbers: Special Teams Kick Into High Gear

Plus, look who decided to start chipping in on the scoresheet!

Nine Numbers: Kings Doing Things Right Early On

A new feature, attempting to answer your questions before you ask them!