No country for old Oilers - Cult of Hockey

The clock is ticking on Souray, Visnovsky and Staios (as well as the Oil's playoff hopes).

Sheldon Souray and Lubomir Visnovsky were born in 1976, Steve Staios in 1973.

That makes Souray and Visnovsky 33-years-old and Staios 36-years old this hockey season.

How much longer can these guys last? This is a pressing concern given their value to the Edmonton Oilers and their expensive, long-term contracts.

Each man is earning top dollar: Visnovsky $5.6 million per season for the next four years, until he is 36-years-old; Souray $5.4 million per season for the next three years, until he is 35-years-old; and Staios $2.7 million this year and next year when he will be 37.

Based on their play last season, all three earned their money well enough, as all three performed at a high level overall and near their own peak career levels.


But, given the age of the three players, it will take some luck for the Oil to get through the year without one of them missing a huge chunk of time due to injury, as happened with Visnovsky last season, with Souray the season before, and with Staios the season before that.

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