Not so crazy, really - Matthew Barry - Crazy Trade Idea!

To Kings: Rick Nash, Jeff Carter, that Sanford goaltender

To Columbus: Jon Bernier, Anze Kopitar, Jarret Stoll, Thomas Hickey (they won't give up Voynov, they just won't)

A few things about Matt's trade proposal (note: this is not a rumor; it's just food for thought):

  1. I seriously doubt Columbus would make this deal. Yes, Kopitar is on the level of Nash or Carter, but Bernier and a rental (Stoll) and a 1st round bust (Hickey) do not level this thing out.
  2. I guess Matt's reasoning is that Carter is toxic and so his value is way down. That still kind of looks like a deal that gets a GM fired. "Hey, watch me deal away 'the franchise' and admit that my Big Move was a disaster!"
  3. Obviously, this deal doesn't do anything for the Kings if Carter is not going to be healthy any time soon.
  4. I still have hope for Thomas Hickey. He has just about no value as a major piece in a big trade right now, but he's having an excellent season in the AHL (finally) and I hope Lombardi re-signs him.
  5. I would just note that Kopitar, Brown, Quick and Parse are the last remaining non-Lombardi era acquisitions.
  6. Re dealing Kopitar: yeah he's "great" and all, but at $6.8MM we're still paying for potential.
  7. Does Lombardi think he has time to wait for that potential to be realized?
  8. What would a Nash/Carter/no-Kopitar Kings look like?
Nash - Carter - Williams
Penner - Richards - Brown

I don't really know if that's better than

Brown - Kopitar - Williams
Penner - Richards - Stoll
Clifford - Loktionov - Lewis
Richardson - Fraser - Hunter

The more I think about it, the more I think the plan should be to trade a defenseman (e.g. Jack Johnson) in order to bring in top-line firepower without giving up top-line firepower in the bargain.