Not The End of the World: Coyotes 3, Kings 2 (SO)

Well, in another shootout performance, the Los Angeles Kings dropped the ball against the Phoenix Coyotes. Also, in another surprisingly exciting game against this club, the Kings had it in the bag. In the bag! They were two up going into the third thanks to flashy D-men Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson, but it wasn't enough. All I can say is it's a good thing they've already clinched their spot in the top 8.

I was pretty surprised when Bob Miller announced the Coyotes power play was ranked 28th in the league, but after seeing their first chance, I understood why. Yikes. It is unbelievable how high they are in the standings with what they call their "specialty teams." I honestly would be ashamed if the Kings looked like that.

Who knew Jason LaBarbera was going to come into Staples and get a win? I announced to those in the room that all the Kings needed to do was go high glove-side. It was working until Jonathan Quick let two past him in the third! At this point I honestly don't want to do anything but revel in how great Doughty's goal was. His power move to split the defense is year-end highlight worthy. I'm not putting my head in the sand and ignoring their inabilities to finish out games on top, I'm just attributing it to inexperience and consistent inconsistency. The usual, right?

By the way, how many of you were holding your breath every time Shane Doan was circling the net?