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Off-Day Watch 1/26: Drew Doughty, sort of accurate

If you ask us, Drew Doughty needed to have one goal in mind coming into this year’s All-Star Game, and that was to simply do better than last year. Don’t embarrass us, maybe. Also, like, eat your vegetables and get a solid night sleep, if we’re doling out mom-like life advice here.

When he was announced as a participant in the accuracy challenge, however, well, you guys spoke up, and the prediction was “Yikes!”

Drew proved us wrong though with an inspired effort at slamming some pucks into some targets:

His 13.591 seconds put him third in the challenge, behind eventual winner David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins (11.309) and defenseman Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins (12.693). Amazingly, it looked like Doughty could have completed the task even faster. He hit four consecutive targets and was under 10 seconds when he started shooting for the last one, the top right corner of the net. He started rushing to complete that one, which is, of course when he started missing the target.

Still, not bad from our defenseman, who has so far spent the rest of his weekend reveling in boos.

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Kendall Coyne Schofield, real fast:

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Also, while it wasn’t broadcast, Brianna Decker demonstrated the Premier Passer event for the crowd and completed it in 1:06 — three seconds faster than winner Leon Draisaitl’s time of 1:09:

Is Gritty actually the best thing about the ASG? Probably, yeah:

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Evening Entertainment

The game portion of the All-Star Game is tonight, airing at 5:00 pm Pacific on NBC. Let’s see if Drew gets booed quite so much when he’s scoring for the Pacific Division.

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