Off-Day Watch: Kings Win! Kings Win!

Plus, supply-side problems in the NCAA and faulty gloves. 

After a convincing win against the Winnipeg Jets – yes, yes, they are worse than we are – Kings now sit 8 points back of the Nashville Predators. “The Predators?” you’re thinking. Yes, St. Louis is now in third place in the Central, try to keep up!

With nine games left to play the Kings are still in the running mathematically, and still a real long shot. My wager of babysitting services to @BobKnob2point0 still stands, and I would love to see it happen, but at a minimum I’m hoping the team closes the season strong. With a tough schedule remaining, I would like to see at least thirteen points out of the remaining nineteen.

If you’re looking for highlights from last night, here you go. Now, on to some hockey news.

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League Highlights

I have nothing, but will leave you with this.

Fight on, Kings.