Off-Day Watch: Late Night Edition

Jonny B is coming up to save the season! Maybe.

So last time I posted an off-day watch column on the day of a game, and this time I think I’ll post late on the night before a game. Is there a method to the madness? Do I have any clue what I’m doing? Fair questions, friends, fair questions.

Kings News

We’re still screwed. Sorry, but short of a miracle the 2016-2017 Los Angeles Kings will not be one of sixteen teams vying for the Stanley Cup.

Perhaps related to the point above, it appears that Kings’ prospect Jonny Brodzinski call up may be in the works.

If you follow Jon’s thread he walks things back a bit but it would make sense for the team to take a look at the young right-winger. He has been increasingly effective in Ontario this season and would fit in well on Anze Kopitar’s wing - I look forward to Darryl Sutter crushing my hopes and icing him with Andreoff and Nolan tomorrow night. For further Jonny B. reading check out @goorgoahead here, @Sheng_Peng here, and, of course, @lakingsinsider here.

News Around the League

NHL Highlights

  • Like I said, Connor McDavid is going to haunt us for a long, long time, everyone./
  • Nazeem Kadri is having a sneaky good season, and earned his goal here. /
  • I’ll be curious to see if Anttii Raanta gets post-season starts, but he’s been amazing for the Rangers thus far and kept it going here./

Go Kings Go.