Okay, an actual official non-crackpotty news source says the Kings and Thrashers are talking

The Hockey News: Ken Campbell's blog: Kings, Thrashers talking Kovalchuk trade

Multiple sources have indicated to The Hockey News the Thrashers have had significant trade talks with the Los Angeles Kings concerning moving Kovalchuk there in recent days. They reportedly presented the Kings with a shopping list of what it would take to get Kovalchuk and it’s believed that while the Kings would be very interested in adding a scorer of Kovalchuk’s ability to their group of young stars, the asking price is currently more than GM Dean Lombardi is willing to surrender.

The rest of the article you could write yourself. Speculation is, etc., roster players etc., prospects such as etc., may be involved, etc.. But the bit I cited actually (gasp) reported something specific that you might call a fact. Waddell provided shopping list; Lombardi says price is to high, for now. We'll see if that turns out to have been true.