Okay, I'll bite: who helped us out?

Leiweke comments on Richards meeting " LA Kings Insider
LEIWEKE: "This is the best effort I’ve ever seen, in chasing a player for the Kings. That’s for sure. They were very impressed with the video, and I’m hoping one day we will share the video. We had a lot of people help us and a lot of people speak on our behalf. Some of the people who spoke on our behalf shocked Brad and his agents, and they will shock our fans a little bit, the help that we got here."

Whose pro-Kings video testimonial shocked Brad Richards, and/or would shock the fans?

Luc Robitaille17
Phil Anschutz4
Wayne Gretzky95
Gary Bettman2
Steve Yzerman7
Brad Richard's mom29
Angelina Jolie12
Arnold Schwarzenegger10
Ilya Kovalchuk20
Reed Richards3
Pat Morris1
Bugs Bunny8
Tony Robbins1
Brian Hayward7
Ladislav Nagy12