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Carter & Doughty named to Team Canada

Where they will win glorious gold, naturally

Kopitar, Voynov Officially Selected for Olympics

No surprises as the two non-North American Kings both get the call to play in next month's winter Olympics. GO SLOVENIA!

Dean Lombardi: The Smartest Guy in the U.S. Room?

Scott Burnside's article on the U.S. Olympic Team's selection has been a huge topic of conversation the last couple days. Dean Lombardi was involved, and Burnside made him look pretty good.

Quick, Brown Named to Team USA for Olympics

As expected, Jonathan Quick and Dustin Brown are going to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Trevor Lewis did not make the team.

Seven Kings named to Olympic camp rosters

Faster, higher, stronger, on the big ice.

GOLD MEDAL GAME: Canada vs. USA!!!

Gold Medal game for Team Canada and Team USA! Plus an update on the Wayne Simmonds bobblehead giveaway!

USA vs. Finland

In a semifinal match up, team USA and Finland face off in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. The winner will go onto the gold medal game; the loser will take part in the bronze medal game.

Drew Doughty!

Drew Doughty is looking good for Team Canada in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Will he one day don the "C"?

It's Just Like 1980! Yeah, right.

But maybe it's a Festivus Miracle.

Moving On: Men's Ice Hockey Brackets for the Impatient

In my own mind, tomorrow's games have already been played (and I have the results)


BREAKING: Santa is from Finland

And we've got his address.

Canada Reminds Me of David Puddy

If you're on Team Canada, you know 35,000,000 of your neighbors and family are looking right at you and they all want the same thing and they all want it the same amount.

Pretend You Know All About Sweden

Strindberg, Forsberg, Bergman, Celsius, ABBA, Ikea and meatballs.

What I Learned about Norway Because the Game was so Boring

And that o with a line through it...what is it called? Are you serious?

Team Canada 2010