Other views: if Lombardi trades for Nash, THEN he should be fired

I just love this so much.

Kings Gameday: Stop Trying To Fire Dean Lombardi - Battle of California

Honestly, I get why a lot of people want to fire Dean Lombardi: it's because they're giant babies who are upset because they honestly thought making the playoffs is easy. They already fired Murray and that didn't change anything so now they want Dean gone. I get it. All I'm saying is that it's not Dean Lombardi's fault that you're a baby. Maybe you should go to counseling or something, I dunno. Or maybe you should stop spouting off about "the system!!!" because you don't really know what it is and you're only saying it because it makes you sound smart without actually being smart. Or maybe it's because deep down [you] don't want to admit it's the players [you've] liked [...] [who] are the problem this season. Or maybe, just maybe, you can't accept the fact that sometimes... shit happens? And that you don't fire one of maybe 10 guys in the NHL that actually knows what he's doing because of it[.]

Or maybe just go stand over there, that would probably be best. Thanks!

Some people may want Dean gone unless he trades for Nash but me personally, I'm going the other way: the only reason Dean Lombardi should be fired is if he trades for Rick Nash. Trading for Rick Nash means that he killed the Kings' cap room and depth in a desperate attempt to make a "splash" and save his job. That's a fireable offense.

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