Ouch; Chicago 3, Kings 0

So the Los Angles Kings are now 3-4-1 since the Olympic break after playing the Chicago Blackhawks who came bringing their own three-game losing streak. From the outset, this game had promise, but the latter proceeded to completely dominate this game. I honestly thought the Kings had a chance when they successfully killed off the six minutes worth of penalties at the very top of the game. Instead, the game slowly turned on the home team and the Hawks took the game all the way to the bank. The fact the Hawks had 37 shots on goal wasn't so bad until you looked at the Kings and saw that they only had 17. Whew. That's bad.

I felt like if I had chosen a select 5 minutes of this game to watch and wasn't told the score, I would have thought it was a pretty even game numbers-wise. The fact that the Kings were easily entering the offensive zone and making passes was a bit misleading in the overall picture of the game. Jonathan Quick wasn't getting any help from his teammates, but I have to put that soft goal later in the game squarely on his shoulders. I can count on this guy to make that save from an outside shot 9 times out of 9, but when that odd one goes in, his line of credit runs thinner with every game taking us closer to the end of the season.

On a different note, I got an email from the Kings today telling me I had priority to put down a deposit on playoff seats because I used to be a full season ticket holder. I would like to, definitely, but at the same time I'd like them to clinch a spot in the top 8 before I plunk down my credit card. I know they will; I just want that assurance. I've been hurt by this team before.

One last thing, can someone enlghten me on the Star Wars stuff going on? The main website has a poll of the best Star Wars names (I went with Drewbacca). Was this a Hockeywood, L.A. thing? Anyway, and then there's an announcement during the telecast of a Star Wars-themed night with a clear stipulation of no masks and no weapons. I guess that has to be stated due the the sheer number crazies out there. I'm definitely not going to be at that game, but if anyone is going and would like to share pictures, by all means, SHARE.