Patrick is Pink

...for the St. Valentine's Day Hair Massacure. I pass this along without cynicism or irony. Patrick O'Sullivan is what my mother would call a good egg. Actually my mother doesn't say that. I guess it's me, then.

Yesterday we pinked Edmonton Oiler Patrick O'Sullivan. Had the honour of slappin' the bleach and Kali Pink on him while using the opportunity to familiarize him with our crazy event. Now... when I say slappin' - I'm not kidding. There was 35 minutes to get this man bleached, rinsed and pinked before the press conference. Yikes! I figured at the speed that brush was going that someone (or someone's lens) was going to be in proximity to a flying splotch... I was lucky. Especially not Nicki's lens.... Patrick was very nice, quite humble and I think moved by our event. I gotta admit, we have dreamt about Oiler involvement for several years now. Last year Ethan Moreau and Ales Hemsky shaved, now we have a pink Patrick!!! How sweet is that! (via Hair Massacure: Patrick O'Sullivan - Oilers support HM)


(also from Oilers Travels)