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Penner Speaks – Pencakes! Open Thread – An open letter from Dustin Penner re: Pancakegate

So it seems as though I need to address Pancakegate for those in the sports media world, as well as those following #pennercakes on twitter, in light of the recent phenomenon I’ve created. Right off the bat, I’d like to clarify a few things. For example, they were vegetarian pancakes. The injury happened as I was sitting down to eat, not mid-bite. And yes, I did finish them. […] In an effort to end the entire experience on a high note, I’m partnering with MayorsManor to sponsor a ‘Pancakes with Penner’ breakfast. In the weeks to come we’ll be setting up a special raffle. Fans will be able to purchase tickets for $1.00 for a chance to have a pancake breakfast with me. […]

Thank you for your time,

Dustin Penner

Read the whole thing at Mayor’s Manor.

Penner is so great. He’s not going to net 30-40 goals as I predicted, but I’m hoping for 20. And I look forward to his career in broadcasting in the 2030s or whenever.