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Perspectives from the Cheap Seats

Weekly columns from writer Michael Lloyd.

Fool’s Gold: A Perspectives Mailbag

Kings making the playoffs? Seems like a joke...

Tuesday night proved the playoffs are merely a fantasy for the rebuilding Kings.

Breaking Down the Team Awards

Yes...there is some outrage!

FOMO: Looking Back at Game 7 of the 2014 Western Conference Final

This is where the Kings mini dynasty of 2012-14 proved to be no fluke...

REVIEW: “Willie”, an ESPN Documentary

He’s not the Jackie Robinson of hockey, he’s the Willie O’Ree of Hockey.

INSTANT REACTION: Rob Blake’s Trade Deadline Interview

A highly biased set of instant reactions will follow...

Thanks For The Memories: Alec Martinez

He re-invented the double overtime playoff goal with his magic...

Thanks For The Memories: Tyler Toffoli

Cupcakes will never be the same...

From the Stands: Making Colorado Cry

Colorado fans weren’t happy with the outcome of the game, but it sure made this Kings fan happy.

Rob Blake: Super Villain?

The Mad Scientist has finally revealed his true identity...

Nervous about the Stadium Series

Looking for that priceless moment isn’t easy when you are in last place...

State of the Kings: Midseason Report Card

With the season more than halfway through, let’s grade some guys.

What’s Wrong with Drew Doughty (and how do we fix him)?

Design unofficially revealed for Kings Stadium Series jersey

...and no one is happy about it...

Hey! Stop trying to trade Jeff Carter!

In appreciation of Jeff Carter’s 1000 games...

That Kings fire sale you’re expecting? It may not be coming.

It may have already happened (and there’s really not much left that others want).

Six Reasons to Continue to Watch the Kings Right Now

OMG, chill out Twitter; there’s still a lot of good things happening in LA.

Embrace the Learning Curve - You’ll be Happier!

When and how did we all become so entitled?

The Rebirth of the Los Angeles Kings

Here’s bad news for the rest of the NHL: LA is coming for you!

Patience: The Summer of Restlessness

What’s the real plan, guys?

Rob Blake Watch: Mad Scientist Update

An open letter from Michael to Rob Blake.

FOMO: Feeling Groovy with the 2012 Kings

Twenty games, sixteen wins, one championship, a Zamboni full of memories.

So, is Rob Blake the Mad Scientist or a Terrible GM?

Let’s visit the plan from last October to dive into this perplexing question...

Todd-Splaining: Cliffs Notes on the Kings Presser

Want to know what new King’s Coach Todd McLellan was actually saying? Read on...

Fear of Missing Out Playoff Running Diary: Flames @ Kings, Game 4, 1990 Smythe Semifinal

Kings Take Massacre on Manchester 12-4

#EastCoastBias: Dave Taylor should be in the Hall of Fame

He was special, yet no one saw him and the media certainly didn’t have a reason to care.

Therapy Mailbag

Understanding why anyone would root for the Anaheim Ducks through emails...

The Bottom Five, aka, the Hunt for Jack Hughes

"Mad Scientist" Rob Blake has positioned the Kings well come the 2019 Draft.

The 2019 Trophy Case

Who will win the big awards?

#EastCoastBias: Why Jonathan Quick is Still Underrated

The rumor mill says that Jonathan Quick may be on the move this summer. No matter what happens, he’ll always be the most important goalie the Kings have ever had.

Top 10 Kings Goosebump Moments of the YouTube Era

This season has been low on excitement, so we turn to the past for some good feelings.

Why Alexander Ovechkin is the Greatest Goal Scorer Ever

"Da, Ovi is even greater than Great One."