Philly West: Another Flyer Heading to L.A. (maybe)

When I saw the headline, "Stevens to L.A.", I thought, "Scott Stevens? Wait...Kevin, no... Darren? I couldn't think of any other Stevenses.

Stevens headed to Kings? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/17/2010
The Los Angeles Kings could be close to adding former Flyers coach John Stevens as an assistant. The Kings, also known as Flyers West, have been granted permission to talk with Stevens, the Los Angeles Times reported. The Kings already have three of their leaders who previously worked for the Flyers: Head coach Terry Murray, general manager Dean Lombardi and assistant general manager Ron Hextall.

Oh, right, okay. There is a contingent of the commentosphere that jumps all over any Philly-related acquisition (Terry Murray, Ron Hextall, Justin Williams, Michal Handzus, Denis Gauthier, Randy Jones, Jaroslav Modry, Kyle Calder, Sean Burke) as some kind of sacreligious offense committed by Dean Lombardi, also proof that he's not really "a King" or something. So I will enjoy watching the sparks fly, although it probably won't be as fun as the anticipation.

Philly West, on Westwood Blvd, has the best cheese-steaks in Los Angeles. I've been going "there" (although there have been three locations that I know of) for 27 years. I should have gone there to watch the cup finals. They are sports fiends.