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Player Power Rankings

Player Power Rankings: Olympic Edition

It's been a fun week for the Kings in Sochi, as all six of our Olympians have advanced to the quarterfinals. Let's review their accomplishments in a special edition of the Kings Player Power Rankings.

Player Power Rankings: Time to Recharge

Our tenth edition of the player power rankings leads us into a three-week vacation for the Kings. Who needs to work on their game? (Almost everyone.)

Player Power Rankings: Let's Get Negative

Four straight losses means negativity. Even for the players who have been doing all right.

Player Power Rankings: Carter, So Hot Right Now

The scoring struggles have at least temporarily come to an end, while one pair of defensemen has been particularly great.

Player Power Rankings VII: The Ascent of Jones

Seven straight wins? Okay, you can be number one now.

Player Power Rankings VI: A New Number One

Also, I struggle mightily to rank players 6 through 16!

Player Power Rankings V: How About Jones?

No, he's not Number 1. Yet. So where does everyone fall in line?

Player Power Rankings IV: Dreeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww

Holy crap, Doughty's been dominant. Who else moves around in this week's power rankings?

Player Power Rankings III: Let's Talk About Tyler

Where do the new guys fall in this week's rankings? Let's find out.

Kings Player Power Rankings: Doughty Makes a Move

The top 3 are essentially the same, but Doughty makes a move and everyone else shuffles around.

Kings Player Power Rankings: Kopitar Reigns

It's the inaugural edition of the Player Power Rankings. Attempting to rank the 23 current Kings from best to worst!