Player Power Rankings VII: Martin Jones Climbs to Number 1

Seven straight wins? Okay, that's good enough.

Four games in the past week gives us quite a bit to go on for this week's rankings. Let's start with the guy who was the number 1 star in two of them...

1. Martin Jones (Last Week: 3)

Sutter didn't play him in Chicago, but maybe he should have. Jones did get starts against Ottawa (win!), Edmonton (shutout!), and San Jose (near-shutout!). How can I not put him number 1?

2. Drew Doughty (Last Week: 1)

It's one thing to earn a couple of assists, but the ones he got last week were highlight-reel worthy. Also, didn't suck against Chicago, which we can't say for a lot of other people.

3. Anze Kopitar (Last Week: 2)

Like Kopitar, for example, who struggled mightily in Chicago. Fortunately, his game against Ottawa was fantastic, and the first line and the penalty kill have both been thriving.

4. Jeff Carter (Last Week: 8)

Last week:

Big goal against Toronto, though only two shots in his last two games is a little odd.

This week: six points, including three goals on 11 shots. I like that better.

5. Dwight King (Last Week: 16)

Three goals and six points since I made the mistake of moving him down last week. I'll try to do better.

6. Justin Williams (LW: 5)

No surprise that the Corsi stats are still doing fine, but the scoring has dropped off a cliff since he moved to a line with Brown and Stoll.

7. Jarret Stoll (LW: 10)

Speaking of! Picked up a couple points last week, and the penalty kill went 12 of 13 over the four games.

8. Tyler Toffoli (LW: 6)

He's averaging one point per fourteen minutes of ice time this month; the only problem is that he doesn't usually get fourteen minutes of ice time in a game. Two points in 13:19 last night.

9. Robyn Regehr (LW: 7)

A middling week for Regehr and his partner, but you guys, TWO ASSISTS! And penalty kill, etc.

10. Mike Richards (LW: 4)

Playing with Toffoli, Clifford, and Lewis hasn't done him any favors. No points this past week, and a huge drop in ice time (average over the last four games: 14:38).

11. Jake Muzzin (LW: 13)

You can set your watch by the maddening penalties, but the top pairing has been strong and he looked pretty impressive last night despite being held off the scoresheet.

12. Alec Martinez (LW: 12)


13. Slava Voynov (LW: 14)

The second pairing had their struggles, but he had his moments, including last night's three-line pass to Toffoli.

14. Dustin Brown (LW: 11)

Scored an easy goal against Edmonton, ejected against San Jose. So... up and down?

15. Jordan Nolan (LW: 18)

Another goal and another assist for the fourth liner, who played a season-high 12:09 against Chicago.

16. Ben Scrivens (LW: 15)

Lost his only start, against Chicago, and lost Darryl Sutter's confidence. He wasn't bad, though.

17. Kyle Clifford (LW: 17)

Did not play against Edmonton and got fourth line duty last night, but he got the bump when Dustin Brown was ejected.

18. Matt Greene (LW: 23)

He's back, and his assist to Jordan Nolan was either brilliant or coincidental. I'll still take it.

19. Trevor Lewis (LW: Not Ranked)

Right back on PK duties and playing with Mike Richards and Tyler Toffoli. Predicting that the point drought ends this week.

20. Colin Fraser (LW: 20)

Stick tap to Fraser, who returned from injury yesterday and helped kill off the three-minute Sharks power play. He also forced Linden Vey to Manchester, which we might not love, but he might be thrilled about.

21. Willie Mitchell (LW: 9)

His one game wasn't very good, and he got injured. Rough week.

22. Daniel Carcillo (LW: 19)

Returned to annoy his old team a bit before returning to the press box.

23. Matt Frattin (LW: 22)

From last week's rankings:

I don't think we'll see him until this current winning streak ends.

To quote Darryl Sutter: "When you think about it, I'm probably right for once." Anyway, he came back and got five hits against Edmonton, then returned to the bench.

24. Linden Vey (LW: 21)

Demoted. Let's hope he finds a comfortable Linden spot in Manchester. (BOOM! Unexpected pun!)

Injured: Jonathan Quick.

Agree? Disagree? Tell us how you'd change the rankings.