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Player Power Rankings X: Man, We Need a Break

Thankfully, the Olympics have arrived, and the Kings have some time to get back on their game. Let’s check in and see how various players have been performing.

1. Anze Kopitar (Previous Ranking: 2)

Leaps and bounds better than every other forward on the team as of late. He’s also quietly gotten his shooting percentage up to 11.5%, which is right around his career average.

2. Drew Doughty (Previous Ranking: 3)

Playing some of his best hockey lately, and broke a six-game scoring streak for Kings not named Anze Kopitar against Chicago. His partners have lately been unable to match his abilities, though.

3. Jeff Carter (Previous Ranking: 1)

Our last ranking pointed out that he forgot to score a goal against Anaheim, after a prior four-game goalscoring streak. Since then, he’s put up another seven goalless games. The first five saw his line excel in possession but struggle to score; in the last two, his possession stats have been mediocre but he’s picked up three assists.

4. Slava Voynov (Previous Ranking: 6)

Off to Sochi he goes. He’s coming off of a stretch where he’s been somewhat erratic. Aside from his third-period penalty before Muzzin’s goal, he had a pretty good night on Thursday.

5. Robyn Regehr (Previous Ranking: 16)

No one really deserves this spot, so we’re giving it to the guy with the second-most goals on the team since January 21 and a guy who hit the 1000 career game mark last week. Shine on, you crazy Robyn.

6. Willie Mitchell (Previous: 7)

Really struggled against Chicago, but he and Drew Doughty were solid against Columbus. If he gets to stay with Doughty, he’s a lucky man.

7. Tyler Toffoli (Previous: AHL)

Two penalties against the Blue Jackets had everyone thinking doghouse, but he stayed on the top line. Good thing, too, as the line has been by far the Kings’ most dangerous. He’s heading down to Manchester to get some work over the break.

8. Jarret Stoll (Previous: 8)

If the Kings do acquire Sam Gagner, Stoll has a one-way ticket to either Edmonton or the fourth line. He’s shown a tendency to get trapped in his own zone lately, but on Thursday, he was noticeably good at breaking up the Blue Jackets’ chances in said zone.

9. Mike Richards (Previous: 5)

Positives: set up an overtime winner last night, and his line with Justin Williams and Dustin Brown has improved according to the eye test. Will Sutter commit to them long term, allowing the first line to stay intact? Not if they don’t produce.

10. Jake Muzzin (Previous: 12)

Muzzin has spent most of his time with Matt Greene as of late, and it led to his worst performance of the entire season in the Corsi department. Darryl Sutter then put him back with Drew Doughty on a third-period 4-on-4, and this happened.

11. Justin Williams (Previous: 9)

Williams has been without former linemate Anze Kopitar for an eternity, but he still ranks as one of the league’s top possession forwards. All well and good, but he needs to start finding the back of the net.

12. Dwight King (Previous: 4)

He’s been quiet. The most we’ve heard his name lately is in association with Edmonton, and he’s not even the main player being floated in trade rumors.

13. Jonathan Quick (Previous: 10)

Four straight rough games and a bad goal allowed to (sigh) Jack Johnson could have spelled big trouble. Instead, Quick rebounded and closed out the Columbus game with 23 consecutive saves. Still no word on how much Quick we’ll see in Sochi.

14. Trevor Lewis (Previous: 11)

The penalty kill has allowed goals in five straight. This is bad news. Also bad news: after looking superb against Philadelphia, the reunited third line had a rough go of it this week.

15. Matt Greene (Previous: injured)

He’s pretty much gone as the Kings have gone since his return. Also, three minor penalties in six games… pretty standard.

16. Dustin Brown (Previous: 14)

Dustin Brown’s last point was on January 13. Even worse? That point (a goal against Vancover) was the last time he was even on the ice for a goal at 5-on-5. He’s still pissing off opponents, though, so he’s serving a purpose.

17. Kyle Clifford (Previous: 20)

Thursday’s statistics: 8:11 of ice time, five hits, +1 in on-ice Corsi. A decent game for Clifford, but it might be his last in a Los Angeles uniform.

18. Matt Frattin (Previous: 17)

19. Jordan Nolan (Previous: 15)

20. Colin Fraser (Previous: 19)

Each has been scratched one of the past three games. This will most likely continue until one of them gets hot, gets traded, or gets hurt.

21. Martin Jones (Previous: 18)

In the last month, Jones has made two appearances: a start against Columbus in which he allowed five goals, and a relief stint against Pittsburgh.

Injured: Alec Martinez (Previous: 13)

Last edition: “It’s injury-based, but he’s free.”

This edition: “It’s injury-based, but he’s on the bench.”

So it goes.

Agree? Disagree? Tell us how you’d change the rankings.

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