(POLL) Mt. Suckmore, Kings Edition

Battle of California asks that we contemplate nominees for our own team's Mt. Suckmore. Meg defines the nominating criteria:

These are the four players (or coaches or GMs or whatever) that, when you think of your favorite team, just fucking drive you out of your mind. The guys that you couldn't stand even when they wore your team's jersey, or players you are embarrassed to have once cheered on. Coaches who stayed long past their expiration date or GMs that couldn't make a good deal to save their lives. The blotches on your team's past roster that embarrass you whenever they are mentioned.

Sounds like a poll to me. If you have a write-in candidate, leave it in the comments (and don't vote yet, so that when I add your suggestion to the poll, you will be able to vote for it).