Poll: Should the Kings be kicking the tires on Wade Redden?

The defenseman had been buried in the AHL because of his pricey contract, not for his play. Is he a good fit for the Kings?

It looks like 35-year-old defenseman Wade Redden is now a free agent. With Mitchell out for an unknown period of time, are the Kings interested in giving him his next job?

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We believe that Alec Martinez deserves a chance against tougher competition, but what if the Kings want to add some more depth?

On the one hand, Redden could be a (presumably) low cost way to add a veteran defenseman to the roster.

On the other, Redden hasn't played in the NHL since 2009-10. He spent the next two seasons playing for Connecticut in the AHL, then didn't play at all this year. We know what he was capable of then, but what can he do now? Without scouting reports, it's tough to say.

Tell us what you think about the idea of Redden in a Kings' uniform. Should they try it?

Should the Kings consider Redden?

Yes, if he's cheap69
Run away36
Can't tell, undecided15