POLL: What Contract Would You Give Jonathan Quick?

Contract extension talks have already begun with the Conn Smythe winner. According to Lombardi, both sides seem willing to make a deal before the next season begins. The big questions remain: what does Jonathan Quick want, and what are the Kings willing to offer him?

In the cap era, every penny counts. Some cap-hit manipulation is possible with longer contracts, yet these also expose the team to greater risk if injury comes into play (think Rick DiPietro). They also limit a team's cap flexibility going forward, and make a deal more difficult to trade. To take just the most recent example, the Canucks want to trade Luongo, one of the best goalies since the lockout, in order to replace him with Schneider -- who will also likely be cheaper.

Every team needs a decent starter, yet there have been two divergent paths to team-building when it comes to goaltending since the lockout. Some invest heavily in goaltending, while others have won it all with a goalie tandem that's relatively cheap.

The Kings won it all with a goalie who cost $1.8M. Now all signs point to Lombardi wanting to settle down for a long term marriage.

What are some comparables?

Pekka Rinne's eye-popping $7 million, 7 year contract is often raised by reporters as a likely comparable, as the Nashville goalie is a two-time Vezina nominee. However, that contract came as a surprise to many, and we've heard nothing concrete about what Quick is looking for.

Here is a list of the current biggest goalie contracts in the NHL by cap hit.

Here is a list of the most expensive by salary.

Note that only two of the goalies in the top ten for cap hits have won a Cup while playing on their current contracts (Fleury and Thomas). They are at #9 and #10.

Would Quick be willing to sacrifice a little to remain on a contender -- even after a Conn Smythe year?

As we wait for more details to emerge, I'd like to throw it open to discussion. Pretend you are Lombardi. What kind of contract would you offer Jonathan Quick?

I would offer Quick a contract like the one given to...

Rinne (7 years, $7M)58
Lundqvist (6 years, $6.87M)136
Bryzgalov (9 years, $5.67M)69
Luongo (12 years, $5.4M)23
Fleury (7 years, $5M)62
Thomas (5 years, $5M)49
Other (explain in the comments)13