Postgame Poll: Gah

The Kings lost another chance to close out the Blackhawks. Now they head back to Chicago for Game 7 on Sunday.

Chicago coach Joel Quenneville relied heavily on his best players tonight. He rolled mainly three lines and gave Toews and Kane 66% of all even strength minutes. The Kings stuck with their balanced approach rolling their four lines pretty evenly. It was seemingly working well as the Kings dominated both possession and the scoring chances.

Yet, they still came up short.

It'd be easy to blame Jonathan Quick who has posted a .886 save percentage in this series. Except that Corey Crawford hasn't been any better (.874).

Outside of sketchy goaltending, we're seeing two incredibly good and evenly matched teams play hockey at about the highest level possible. Game 7 should be a doozy.

Confidence Check: Will the Kings win game 7?