Postgame Poll: Kings even series with 4-3 win; How does victory feel?

Celebrate Seis de Mayo! Justin Williams still owns!

Justin Williams was voted JFTC's Star of our Hearts last time out. This game, he was the CBC's number one star. He kept his stick below the crossbar (hurrah) to tip in the game winning goal.

Let's not forget Penner, Carter, Kopitar, Brown, and so many others who pulled together after the team fell behind early. The Kings generated more shot attempts in the 2nd and 3rd and worked hard to earn this win.

Keep Alec Martinez freed!

This means he has to wear a sombrero before every practice, right?

Grade the game and share your thoughts/happy dances below.

Plus, we had a WIN CAT. Thanks, Win Cat.

How would you grade this game?

Can we build Williams a shrine?30