Postgame/Rank the Players: Kings Finally Defeated in Overtime, 2-1

Nothing lasts forever.

Kinda nice that when the Kings finally did lose in overtime, it felt like they deserved it.

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A bit of an ugly effort through most of the evening for the Los Angeles Kings, who scored on their first shot (Kopitar to Gaborik, natch) to take the lead five minutes into the first period and did very little else. LA took advantage of another good showing from Jhonas Enroth and a successful challenge by Darryl Sutter to hold out until overtime, when Kopitar nearly won the game on a breakaway. Alas, holding the puck for most of the session did LA no good, and Ryan O'Reilly won the game as he was falling down. An appropriately ugly ending, but a deserved win for the Buffalo Sabres.

(And if the offsides challenge rule does get removed after this season, well, at least we got a tangible benefit from it!)