Postgame/Rank the Players: Kings Bounce Back in Sunrise

A rare Kopitar-to-Gaborik goal caps off an inconsistent, but productive, rebound effort against the Florida Panthers.

"I’m just happy I put it in the right net this time." -Alec Martinez

(Real quote!)

So what did you think of each player on the Los Angeles Kings tonight? Give a thumbs up to any player who you thought did well, and a thumbs down to any player you thought had a rough game. (If you're not sure or if you thought a player was "eh", you can simply skip them.) The players will get ranked based on your votes. GO!

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Tonight, the Kings played a near-perfect first period before hanging on a bit over the rest of the game. In fact, if not for a fourth-line goal (well, a goal with the fourth line out there) late in the second period, this one could easily have ended in a lot more frustration. On the second game of a back-to-back and the third in four days, though, I'm inclined to let them take the points and run.

Longer recap to come, including how what could become the most crucial goal of the road trip came off Jordan Nolan's ass.