Postgame/Rank the Players: Kings v Coyotes

In spite of Dustin Brown's first goal of the season and Tyler Toffoli being Tyler Toffoli, the Kings fell to the Coyotes on Tuesday night. The Kings generally controlled the flow of play, but two Brayden McNabb errors and a bad bounce off Alec Martinez's stick led to Arizona's 3 goals. That wound up being enough, and the Coyotes won 3-2.

Even though the Kings won the Corsi battle and generally didn't play too poorly, nobody stood out as particularly excellent. I thought Carter and Toffoli were pretty fun and Tanner Pearson had some good moments, but nothing spectacular (besides Toff's goal) from anyone.

What did you think of each player on the Los Angeles Kings tonight? Give a thumbs up to any player who you thought did well, and a thumbs down to any player you thought had a rough game. (If you're not sure or if you thought a player was "eh", you can simply skip them.) The players will get ranked based on your votes. GO!

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