Postgame/Rank the Players: Stoll Returns, Scoring Does Not

All those <a href="">scoring streaks </a>are over now. Oops.

The postgame show on Fox Sports West stuck with a theme of "The Kings didn't play that badly, Minnesota just played really well." Use the ranker below to either agree or disagree with this opinion!

Los Angeles Kings Coaches

Regardless of how the individual players performed, though, the Kings didn't live up to expectations. Tne Kings looked a bit slow considering the other team was the one on the back to back. The Kings struggled with special teams considering the other team was the one who's underperformed on the power play and penalty kill all year. The Kings' shutout was unexpected considering the other guy was the backup, non-All Star. These things happen, but it'd be good if it didn't happen.

More on how it happened (and more on the return of Jarret Stoll) in the recap.