Postgame/Rank the Players: Kings Hang On For Dear Life, 2-1

LA cruises through two periods, but they finally look vulnerable as the Flyers mount a huge third-period push.

It wasn't perfect, but after laying waste to Canada, I'm willing to let the Los Angeles Kings off the hook for making us a little nervous today. Nonetheless, it's another victory!

Distribute your thumbs accordingly:

Best Hockey Players of All Time

Sometimes you make your own luck. The Kings didn't quite have the bounces going their way today, but neither did the Philadelphia Flyers, so they had to work hard for a win. To their credit, they did all they needed to do; they scored on two perfect shots by Dwight King and Drew Doughty, then had a goaltender who made opposing shooters do this:

Jonathan Quick had a great night, and he got just enough help from his defensemen. In particular, Brayden McNabb got a lot of praise on the broadcast for strong defensive play and effective use of his stick, while Doughty had a power play blast in the first and stopped back-to-back 2-on-1 breaks in the third. And they were the two lowest defensemen in terms of possession! A balanced effort by the blueliners, then, and a number of other factors led to LA's fifth straight win. Stay tuned for the recap.