Postgame/Rank the Players: Second-Period Shambles Doom Kings

Three goals on three shots in three minutes are enough to end the Kings' lengthy point streak.

We'll be okay.

Hopefully you know the drill by now: thumbs-up to the players who excelled in your eyes, thumbs-down to the players who didn't. If you're not sure, feel free to ignore them, they'll get over it soon enough.

Best American Hockey Players

Lots of fingers will probably be pointed at Jonathan Quick, who got outplayed by fellow American Craig Anderson tonight, but in reality the entire opening of the second period was one giant disaster. The Kings put forth their patented third-period onslaught, but one dirty goal (dirty as in ugly, not dirty as in filthy, know what I mean?) later, the Kings were toast.

Recap to come, including how Alec Martinez totally knew his dump-in would carom straight to Tyler Toffoli.