Postgame/Rank the Players: Kings Down Detroit

Games against the Red Wings are 100% garbage. Forever.

I hate the Red Wings. It's not because they're successful - I actually enjoy that they are such a consistently well-oiled machine.

It is because games against the Red Wings are always entirely composed of garbage. Weird, ridiculous things happen against them. I hate Joe Louis Arena. I hate that all of their fans sing that shitty Journey song. I hate it all.

Tonight was fun! My thanks to Anze Kopitar. I feel truly blessed to be alive at a time when he is becoming a legend. We get to watch that! Can you believe that? He's going to go into the Hall of Fame someday. We get to watch all of the moments that they're going to play on highlight reels when they talk about how he is an all-time great. That's amazing.

Kopitar put the team on his back tonight. He started things off right with one of the most exquisite assists of his career. Then, after the Kings fell behind, he tied the game on the power play. To wrap things up, he had a quiet secondary assist on the game-winning goal.

Basically, I think schools should change their grading scales. There is still 'A' through 'F' but also if someone is just extra super good and special, they get "Kopitar" written across the top of their report card or paper or whatever.

Best Hockey Players of All Time

Who else did you like tonight? Make sure you vote in the poll. Tyler Toffoli was great. Jonathan Quick was excellent again. Vinny Lecavalier was there. Vote vote vote!