PRAISE BE DINGLEBARN*! Kovalchuk to New Jersey and I couldn't be happier

Let's assume the reports are correct, and the trade is Kovalchuk, presumably as a rental, for Johnny Oduya, Nicklas Bergfors, Mattias Tedenby Patrice Cormier and a 1st. That's like Matt Greene and Teddy Purcell,Oscar Moller a forward version of Colten Teubert and a 1st, keeping in mind that each one of the NJD players is less desirable than the Kings versions I just mentioned. Oduya is a solid guy, not as big as Greene, not as dependable, but with more offensive upside. The other two guys are short prospects, one of them fast and Swedish. one of them short and the other mean and evil. I used to like Cormier, before I saw the window into his soul. But I understand why that's a decent move for both teams. Still, Waddell said he wasn't looking for a deal where the biggest names were prospects, and that's what he's got here.

Given what Waddell claimed he wanted -- two roster players (NOT kids but players who could step in now and help with a playoff run), one blue-chip prospect and a high pick, I would say he's got to be disappointed.

What this tells me is, Waddell never got an offer anywhere near what he was looking for. People were talking about Stoll and Johnson, with Lombardi supposedly balking (as he should) at including Johnson. I must also conclude that Simmonds was never part of anyone's conversation, because Kovalchuk for Simmonds straight up is a better deal than what Waddell took. I also think it's very, very likely that Lombardi wanted no part of a rental conversation and wasn't even willing to part with Stoll (for example) for a rental. Because, again, any deal that includes Stoll is a better deal for Waddell than the Oduya and two prospects deal. Stoll, Purcell and a pick is better. And based on what actually happened instead, I can only assume Lombardi wasn't even willing to cough up Stoll. And no one else around the league was willing to part with their Stolls, either.

I love this trade. It totally sucks.

*Dinglebarn is what came out of the mouth of one of the announcers on our recent roadtrip, upon trying to say the name Dean Lombardi. I can kinda see it. Dean Lombardi. Ding Glombardi. Dinglebardi. Dinglebarn.